Template:Character-infobox Superbob is the super hero alter-ego of 32 year old Bob.


A superhero with superhuman strength, near-invulnerability, and the ability to fly.

Superbob's powers lie in a purple blanket that he wears as a cape, and his costume is green with a logo on the chest which slightly resembles that of Superman, but with a B instead of a S.

Inexplicably, he speaks Japanese. His catchphrase is "救助にスーパーボブ, Kyūjo ni sūpābobu" ("Superbob to the rescue!") (in the Original Japanese version of the game, he speaks the catch phrase in English).

Cow first became Supercow in the Pilot, "No Smoking", where she had to rescue Chicken from Red Guy and Cerebus.

SuperCow also happens to don a tricycle in some episodes, i.e Field Trip to Folsom Prison, where she replaces Chicken with the real red.


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