Rated M for Mature, (コンカーレボリューション) is the 5th chapter in Pokémon Laggray.




  • This is the first Marine game for the PSVita.
  • The textures for Planet Marine's environment map are actually screenshots of the team's dev PROGRAM.
  • This is the first Sonic game with Marine Pee.
  • This is the third Sonic game not to be released in Japan, the first being Sonic Rivals and the second being Sonic Rivals 2.
  • Conker (BFD and L&R designs only when he is intoxicated) is the only character who can rotate while urinating.
  • Conker (L&R design only when he is intoxicated) is the only character who can walk around while urinating.
  • Conker is the only playable non-7 year old character in the game.
  • Sonic Team originally planned releasing a PC Sonic game Called Marine Jeans, However, such a game would take take a long time to create, and Sega wanted to release this game much closer to the 360 and PS3's discontinuation.
  • Amy Rose is the only character who can play that game.
  • This is the first game since Live & Reloaded to feature Conker as a full-playable character.
  • During the credits, the original levels from each game play along with the music medley as a tribute to the original games. In the PC fangame version, the following game versions were used: the original Japanese Marine Adventure release on Dreamcast, Marine Adventure 2 Battle on GameCube, PC version of Marine Heroes, the PS3 versions of Marine 06 and Marine Unleashed, and the Wii edition of Marine Colors. There are no obvious indications if the Genesis/Mega Drive games are originals or direct emulations (or even Marine Jam). Oddly enough, even though the credits use the revised Japanese version of the original Marine the Raccoon, the unlockable emulation in console versions is the original American release.

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