The Nintendo 46 is a console created by NintenDO. After the The Great Videogame War resulted in the destruction of all Nintendo 43s, Nintendo 44s, and Nintendo 45s, Shiggy wanted to make a new console that would cause the fans to rage, and so released the Nintendo 46. The console was released on February 30th, ˚ª04´49.
Console 46

A room completely taken over by the Nintendo 46.

The release caused several trillion fans to asplode with rage. Most could not figure out any of the over 19 quintillion dials and buttons on the actual console, and the 18 Trollface buttons
Nintendo 46 Controller

A Nintendo 46 controller. 18 of the 21 buttons are Trollfaces.

which may or may not be exactly the same. This has led to many groups revolting, such as the Shy Guy Mafia, the Cheese Haters, and the Goombas.

The Anti-46 RevolutionEdit

Anger over the idiotic controls has led to a revolt against the console. Many Hater groups have destroyed the console in bulk, creating what has been known as the Anti-46 Revolution. They tried to destroy consoles one at a time, but since the console was so huge (8 miles by 6 miles), it took 8 weeks to destroy 1. They ended up destroying a total of 3.14 consoles before they gave up.

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