Mario Sports Mix 2 is a game for the Wii U. The game consists of four sports with them being Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, and Volleyball. There is cooperative play for up to three players, as well as versus up to four players. The game consists of a large roster of characters which include the Final Fantasy companions as the game was developed by both Nintendo and Square Enix. The game was first released in Japan, 2016 and later in the first quarter of other countries in 2017. The game received a few good but mostly average reviews.


The game is played much in the vein of past Mario sports games, with features such as powerful special moves and over-the-top, arcade-like gameplay. Both cooperative and competitive local multiplayer modes are featured depending on the sport, two players (in two-on-two) or three players (in three-on-three) can play cooperative multiplayer and four players (in two-on-two) can play competitive multiplayer in two teams of two.

The moveset a player has depends on which of the sports one is playing, however the commands used are mostly the same for all the four sports. Players can also play in an online mode in which they can use any of the game's characters available or a Mii character.

The main play mode is through tournaments. Player's team engages against others up to three rounds to earn the cup. Beating a tournament unlocks another more difficult tournament in the order Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup and Star Cup. Once beaten these tournaments can be replayed to unlock another paths with different challenges, the most long and difficult path called Star Road, in which the player is required to beat several new and difficult challenges with set goals or conditions, such as each team starts with 10 coins each, among others. Beating the challenges of these paths unlocks the Square Enix characters such as the Ninja, Black Mage, etc.

After beating the Star Cup of each sport, the player is instantly taken to a boss battle against Final Fantasy's Behemoth, in which players must deplete its HP to 0 by using the mechanics of all the sports. Beating the Behemoth unlocks the "Sports Mix" mode, which puts the player in another set of tournaments in which they play any of the four previous sports in each round at random and difficulty is set to Expert. When the Star Cup of this mode is beaten, the players challenge the more difficult Behemoth King. Defeating it basically ends the tournament game mode.


characters in Bold return from previous installments


  • Mario - All-Rounder
  • Luigi - All-Rounder
  • Yoshi - All-Rounder
  • Peach - Technical
  • Daisy - Technical
  • Waluigi - Technical
  • Wario - Powerful
  • Donkey Kong - Powerful
  • Bowser - Powerful
  • Toad - Speedy
  • Diddy Kong - Speedy
  • Bowser Jr. - Speedy
  • Sonic - Speedy
  • Tails - Technical
  • Knuckles - Powerful
  • Amy - All-Rounder
  • Cream - Technical
  • Shadow - Speedy
  • Rouge - All-Rounder
  • Blaze - All-Rounder
  • Silver - Technical
  • Mii - Varies
  • Mega Man - All-Rounder
  • Pac-Man - All-Rounder
  • Stone Cold E.T. - All-Rounder
  • Gamma - Powerful
  • Dr. Eggman - Technical
  • Pit - Technical
  • Palutena - Technical
  • Toon Link - Speedy


  • Ninja - All-Rounder
  • White Mage - Technical
  • Black Mage - Tricky
  • Cactuar - Tricky
  • Moogle - Tricky
  • Slime - Tricky
  • Birdo - Technical
  • Toadette - Speedy
  • Toadsworth - Speedy
  • Rosalina - Powerful
  • King Boo - Tricky
  • Lakitu - Tricky
  • Kamek - Tricky
  • Shy Guy - Technical
  • Mr. L - All-Rounder
  • Omega - Powerful
  • Vector - Powerful
  • Espio - Speedy
  • Charmy - Technical
  • Big - Powerful
  • Jet - Speedy
  • Wave - Technical
  • Storm - Powerful
  • Metal Sonic - Speedy
  • Sticks - Speedy
  • Zazz -  Speedy
  • Zavok - Powerful
  • Dry Bowser - Technical
  • Koopa Troopa - Speedy
  • Luma - Technical
  • Wiggler - Technical
  • Sprixie Princess - Technical
  • Baby Mario - Speedy
  • Baby Luigi - Speedy
  • Baby Peach - Tricky
  • Baby Daisy - Tricky
  • Baby Rosalina - Tricky
  • Larry - Speedy
  • Roy - Powerful
  • Wendy - Speedy
  • Ludwig - Technical
  • Baby Ludwig - Tricky
  • Dry Metal Dr. Ludwig - Technical
  • Reversed Ludwig - Powerful
  • Nabbit - Speedy
  • Dry Bones - Tricky
  • Boo - Tricky
  • Fly Guy - Tricky
  • Koopa Paratroopa - Tricky
  • Dixie Kong - Speedy
  • Tiny Kong -
  • Funky Kong -
  • Expand Dong -
  • Samus - Powerful
  • Zero Suit Samus - Technical
  • Dark Pit - Technical
  • Darker Pit - Powerful
  • Darkest Pit - Powerful
  • Villager - Technical
  • Isabelle - Technical
  • Urinator - Technical
  • Charters - Technical
  • Jadette - Technical
  • Mama Luigi - Technical
  • Lonk - Technical
  • Shigeru Miyamoto - Technical
  • Link - Powerful
  • Weegee - Tricky
  • Malleo - Tricky
  • Ultimate Malleo - Tricky
  • Ultimate Weegee - Tricky
  • E.T. - Tricky


  • Metal Mario - Powerful
  • Pink Gold Peach - Powerful
  • Stainless Steel Purple Waluigi - Powerful
  • Purple Chrome Rosalina - Powerful
  • Molten Alloy Bowser - Powerful
  • Purple Chrome Baby Rosalina - Powerful
  • Silver Mega Dry Luigi - Defense
  • Lanky Kong - Speedy
  • Jimmy T. - Technical
  • Jamie T. - Technical
  • James T. - Technical
  • Mama T. - Technical
  • Papa T. - Technical
  • Jimmy P. - Technical
  • 9-Volt - Technical
  • 18-Volt - Technical
  • Ashley - Tricky
  • Dr. Crygor - Speedy
  • Kat - Speedy
  • Ana - Technical
  • Zero Suit Wario - Technical
  • Dark Hunt - Speedy
  • Dark Ness - Speedy
  • Scooter from VeggieTales - Eaten
  • Dillon - Speedy
  • Pull Pee Squirrel - Speedy
  • Les Lapins Cretins - Speedy
  • Calvin - Speedy
  • New Mario - All-Rounder
  • New Luigi - All-Rounder
  • Evil Guy - Powerful
  • Bob Saget - Tricky
  • Obama - Tricky
  • George W. Bush - Tricky
  • Boshi - Tricky
  • YOU - Varies
  • Kubert - All-Rounder
  • Wapeach - Technical
  • Wayoshi - Technical
  • Wawario - Technical
  • Wamario - Technical
  • Wadaisy - Technical
  • Birdo's Snot -
  • Every Sonic character as they appear in Sonic Generations - Powerful
  • Jakob Henerey after he played on the computer forever - Powerful
  • Jakob Henerey when he ran as fast as Sonic on the road - Speedy

Alternate colorsEdit

File:MSM Alternateoutfit.png

Certain characters have alternate colors that can be unlocked by performing certain objectives. Alternate colors can be used only in the sports that they are unlocked in, but colors unlocked by clearing Star Road can be used for all sports. To scroll through colors, the players can press the Template:Button button on the Wii Remote, regardless of the control scheme used.

In tournaments, it is possible for the CPU team to use more than one of a certain character, which is not possible for the players' team, nor in exhibition matches. Likewise, if the players' team contains a character who has an alternate color, the CPU team can still use that character's unused colors in tournaments; for example, if the players' team contains Yoshi, it is still possible to see a different color Yoshi in a CPU team.

Character Alternate color Usage unlock method Mission unlock method Star Road unlock method
Yoshi Light Blue Yoshi 15 matches as Yoshi. Light Blue Yoshi mission at Star Cup. N/A
Yellow Yoshi 20 matches as Yoshi. Yellow Yoshi mission at the Flower Cup. N/A
Pink Yoshi 25 matches as Yoshi. Pink Yoshi mission at the Flower Cup. N/A
Peach Tennis-wear 20 matches as Peach. Tennis-wear Peach mission at the Mushroom Cup N/A
Daisy Tennis-wear 20 matches as Daisy. Tennis-wear Daisy mission at the Flower Cup N/A
Rosalina Tennis-wear 20 matches as Rosalina. Tennis-wear Rosalina mission at the Star Cup N/A
Amy Pulled Down Shorts 20 matches as Amy. Pulled Down Shorts Amy mission at the Star Cup N/A
Cream Pulled Down Shorts 20 matches as Cream. Pulled Down Shorts Cream mission at the Star Cup N/A
Toad Blue Toad 15 matches as Toad. Blue Toad mission at the Mushroom Cup. N/A
Yellow Toad 20 matches as Toad. Yellow Toad mission at the Mushroom Cup. N/A
Green Toad 25 matches as Toad. Green Toad mission at the Star Cup. N/A
Ninja Shadow White 20 matches as Ninja. Shadow White Ninja mission at the Flower Cup. Star Road cleared 4 times.
White Mage Pure White 20 matches as White Mage. Pure White Mage mission at the Flower Cup. Star Road cleared 5 times.
Black Mage Magic Red 20 matches as Black Mage. Magic Red Black Mage mission at the Star Cup. Star Road cleared 6 times.
Slime She-Slime 20 matches as Slime. She-Slime mission at the Star Cup. N/A
Metal Slime 40 matches as Slime. Metal Slime mission at the Star Cup. N/A



  • Mario Stadium
  • Koopa Troopa Beach
  • Peach's Castle
  • DK Dock
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Western Junction
  • Daisy Garden
  • Wario Factory
  • Bowser Jr. Blvd.
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Waluigi Pinball
  • Ghoulish Galleon
  • Star Ship


Location unlock method
Squidward's House 20 Matches as Bowser
Big's Fishing Spot Unlock Big
Amyland 15 Matches as Amy
Creamland 15 Matches as Cream
Bigland Unlock Big
Eggman's Base Unlock Eggman
Black Mesa Unlock Gordon Freeman
Pennsylvania Unlock Lonk
Mount Miyamoto Unlock Shigeru Miyamoto
Linkland Unlock Link
Weegee Wee Unlock Weegee
Malleo Mall Unlock Malleo
E.T.'s Lair Unlock E.T.

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