Ganbare Goemon: Super Saiyan Jakob's Penis (頑張れゴエモン:超サイヤ人ジャコブのペニス, Ganbare Goemon: Sūpā saiyajin Jakobu no penisu) is an action-adventure Game



  • Main Weapon: Pipe
  • Other Weapons: Ryo(for throwing), Chain Pipe
  • Abilities:Flaming Ryo, Sudden Impact, Double Jump
  • Goemon is an odd blue haired dude from Edo. Using an odd variety of weapons, Goemon has saved Japan numerous times in the past. He is not the brightest of the bunch, but he's certainly not the dumbest. Goemon is the undefined but unquestioned leader in a crisis (meaning he didn't volunteer, it just sort of happened that way). In the games, he's usually SLOW compared to the others; however, he has a much better attack range since he swings downward to smash an enemy. This attack can hit enemies diving in as well.


  • Main Weapon: Fan
  • Other Weapons:Shurikens, Super Shurikens
  • Abilities: Mini Ebisu, Poison Mist, Sit Attack
  • The self-proclaimed "Ninja of Justice", Ebisumaru is Goemon's best buddy. By far, he's not the smartest character, but at least he's trust worthy. Ebisu is just plain silly which will be exaggerated in the net comic. There he will be little help in battle. So, why do they keep him around? He's Goemon's best bud. Who'd dare cross him?


Main Weapons: Kunai (used as dirks)

  • Other Weapons: bombs, Cracker bombs, Frost Kunai (for throwing)
  • Abilities:Jetpack(hover), Propeller(swim), Hail Beam(Normal)
  • "He" is a mechanical ninja designed by Wiseman, much like Impact. Unlike Impact, however, Sasuke is fully automated, much smaller, and doesn't resemble Goemon (or anyone else) much at all. Sasuke is usually the silent one and enjoys the simple things. He loves tea and hot baths (niether of which make much sense). As the GAMES are concerned, Sasuke is one of the fastest characters. Also, in all but Great Adventure, he has the best jumping ability.


  • Main Weapon:Katana Blade
  • Other Weapons: Yae Bazooka, Lock-on Bazooka
  • Abilities: Mermaid transformation
  • Yae is a ninja woman who works for the government. Since the Goemon crew is almost always caught in the middle of trouble, she'll usually wind up joining the gang. Yae is yet another strong but silent type like Sasuke. Also, being the only FEMALE of the group, she provides the little bit of sex appeal (if there ever is any in Goemon games). In the games, she is another fast character with pretty good attack range. In fact, up until Great Adventure, she was always the fastest.


  • Main Weapon: Fists
  • Other Weapons: Fists
  • Abilities: Super Strength (smash boulders, throw giant rocks, that kinda thing)
  • Like Baban, he's only in one GAME. That is where the simularities end. Goroku (again in the net comic) is SLOW, both mentally and physically. He's also the only character to surpass Goemon's strength. Bottom line, he is STRONG!


  • Main Weapon: Cane
  • Other Weapons:Sparkle Rod (to put out fires)
  • Abilities: Hovering
  • Baban is a space traveler who makes an emergency landing on Earth, SPECIFICALLY Japan (who whould've guessed). Little is known of Baban because he only appeared in one game (which was released only in Japan). In the comic at least, he will be very intelligent, and not too bad of a fighter. From the sounds of things, Baban was a cross between Sasuke and Yae in the game he was in.


  • Main Weapon:Fists with an occasional pipe
  • Other Weapons: Nasal Bullets, Pipe Bombs, Chain Pipe
  • Abilities: Mouth Beam, Super Punch
  • Impact was created by Wiseman to assist Goemon and friends. Impact is (when you break it all down) a gigantic, robotic Goemon. In any case, Impact sequences-where Goemon and co. jump in his pilot seat to defeat a boss- have now become an essential part of a Goemon game. Otherwise, there isn't much to tell. Supposedly, he went to make a movie in America (in Mystical Ninja for N64), but it bombed.

Miss ImpactEdit

  • Main Weapon: Fan
  • Other Weapons: Nasal Bullets
  • Abilities: Mouth Beam, Super Punch
  • Another of Wiseman's giant robots. Oddly enough she's modelled after Omitsu even though Omitsu doesn't fight. The only really important part of her is that Impact now has a girlfriend that he can't squish. Otherwise, she's identical to Impact.


  • Main Weapon:none
  • Other Weapons: none
  • Abilities: she's a good cook anyway
  • If you didn't know this already, little Omitsu is not a fighter. She's Goemon's girlfriend, and loves him very much. This is not a good thing since this makes her a prime TARGET for kidnapping. Hence, she plays the damsel in distress alot in Goemon games. Seeing how she has no martial arts experience and no way to defend herself, she might be better off ending her relationship with Goemon, but she'd never want to do that.


  • Main Weapon: ?
  • Other Weapons: ?
  • Abilities: ?
  • This little cat girl seems to be the fighter type, but I have yet to see her actually fight. Suzaku considers herself Goemon's enemy, yet in Great Adventure ( the game she originated in) she secretes information to our heroes. Given these clues, I think we can safely assume she was released by the Ghost Machine created by Wiseman, but you really can't tell with her. This is why I put her on here becuase she's so intriging.


  • Main Weapon: none
  • Other Weapons:none
  • Abilities: he invents stuff, does that count?
  • Wiseman is, you guessed it, another non-fighter. He invents items for the Goemon crew to use. Sasuke, Impact, and Miss Impact along with their upgrades seem to be the only ones that came out right. He invented a time machine, which brought Bismaru to the present, and a ghost machine that brought her back to life in Great Adventure (something about Bismaru here?). Goemon and co. turn to Wiseman when trouble's afoot (if Wiseman doesn't cause it TO BEGIN with).

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