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GameWorld (ゲームの世界) is the planet SuperSpy Luigi normally takes place on.


The GameWorld lies in a completely different Space than Earth. In fact, it has lasted longer than Earth. It was created by Arceus, Xerneas, Dialga, Palkia, Yveltal, and Xemnort. The GameWord has very similair compared to Earth, besides more and larger continents. GameWorld has no notable seas.


[Destruction of the First World]: The destruction of a First World is mentioned by several characters, but nothing else is known about it or if there was even a First World. In Meteor Shower: The Second Day, Kirby showed Luigi through the Telescope what could possibly the remains of the World. The First World is also described as the planet Season 1 of SuperSpy Luigi took place on and could have possibly been destroyed in Luigi's final battle with Weegee.

[Destruction of GameWorld]: GameWorld has been destroyed 2 times, but has been revived by Luigi's heroic efforts and Xatu's Kindness. In Meteor Shower: The Second Day, Luigi failed in trying to reflect a boulder and it shattered Luigi's body and GameWorld was destroyed. Xatu revived the World with all the power he had left. The world has been destroyed in a Non-Canon episode, Lonely. Luigi revived it with the help of Bill Cipher and Natu.




(NintenWorld) "Nintendo" and "World." Luigi seems to be the only one who calls it this.

(GameWorld) "Video Game" and "World." This name is used the most often.


The Mushroom Kingdom Dream Land PokePark Canopy Kingdom Yoshi's Island Mobius Hyrule


  • The creatures living on GameWorld are all called "Players"
  • According to Arceus, the original rulers of the Subworlds were:
  1. King Toadstool (Mushroom Kingdom)
  2. Prince Fluff (Dream Land)
  3. Pikachu (Pokepark)
  4. Queen Nancy Renoir (Canopy Kingdom)
  5. Sluggy The Unshaven (Yoshi's Island)
  6. Red Sonic (Mobius)
  7. Makar (Hyrule)
  • GameWorld appears very similar to Earth.


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