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Dodecagon Dash is a racing game which was recently released for Dolphin. It will feature updated graphics and incredibly detailed characters, unlike the games before it.


What the hell do you mean, you want a story? You drive your kart around. That's the story. Were you expecting detail or something? It's a friggin sports game! There is no story!

New Features Edit

Four Riders per Kart Edit

This time around, each kart will have the capacity for four drivers, and each will have their own responsibilities.

  • The driver will drive the kart around and is able to go honk honk. He is the main person of the team.
  • The item tosser tosses the items at people.
  • The Info Man handles the Map, the enclosed Instruction Book and the Player's Guide as well as three pages with cheats for the game. He helps the driver.
  • The YAHOO! Amy Rose Says "YAHOO!" .

Playable Characters Edit

Default Characters Edit

Unlockable CharactersEdit


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