Sonic World - Chao Garden Trailer06:01

Sonic World - Chao Garden Trailer

You asked for it, and now you are getting it.. CHAO GARDEN IS NOW IN SONIC WORLD!!

We have been in development for this for quite some time now and we are finally ready to fully show it off!


The Chao Garden has many features, both new and old, here is a list:

  • Intelligent chao behavior just like the official games
  • Nameable Chao
  • Over 10 Colored Chao
  • Hero/Dark/Neutral Evolutions
  • Over 50 Different Food
  • Over 60 Different Hats
  • Toys for your chao to play with and interact with
  • Massive Chao Garden
  • Toggleable Indicator to find your chao no matter where they are
  • Notification system to let you know on important events that are happening
  • Mating/Breeding Chao
  • Chao Death and Reincarnation
  • Chaos Drives can be collected in stage and given to your chao
  • Chao Races
  • Chao Karate
  • Garden Farming, find Seeds from fruits and veggies to plant and grow trees/bushes
  • Black Market
  • Selling items
  • Inventory system that lets you hold collected items safely until you want them again
  • ??Immortal Chao??
  • And Much Much More!!

For more information on Sonic World and links to older version of the game go to our website at:


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