Team MarioAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
MarioDouble JumpPunchBack Pocket BurstF.L.U.D.DCape
LuigiDouble JumpPunchBack Pocket BurstPoltergustGreen Missle
PeachDouble JumpSlapFloatLeft BoobRight Boob
DaisyDouble JumpSlapFlower PowerLeft BoobRight Boob
YoshiFlutter JumpEgg LayEgg ThrowEgg DropEgg Roll
WarioDouble JumpPunchWario WaftWario BikeChomp
WaluigiDouble JumpPunchThrow Bob-OmbHigh/JumpMini-Hit
BowserDouble JumpFire BreathU GOT BURNED!Haunt FridgeFlying Slam
Bowser Jr.Double JumpFire BreathU GOT BURNED!JuyuyuyuyniorFlying Slam
RosalinaDouble JumpStar SpinGravitational PullLeft BoobRight Boob
CloverDouble JumpSlapCloverLeft BoobRight Boob
Team SonicAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
SonicHoming AttackSpin KickLight DashTime BreakSonic Boom
TailsPropeller FlyingThrow Dummy RingsTail AttackThrow Electro BombTails Boom
KnucklesGlidePunchUp RoarDrill PunchKnuckles Boom
AmyDouble JumpPiko Piko HammerInvisibilityThrow FlowersAmy Boom
ShadowHoming AttackSpin KickLight DashVehiclesChaos Spear
RougeGlideKickScorch KickDrill KickRouge Boom
CreamFlyingChao AttackThrow Chao EggsBaconCheese
BlazeAccelerator TornadoFire ClawHoming AttackFire BallFire Ball
SilverLevitateThrow Held ObjectsTeleport DashIt's no UsePsychokinesis
E-123HoverSwipe/ClawUse VTOL CargoOmega Shots (press whatever hand)
EspioSwirl Homing AttackThrow Ninja StarInvisibilityEspAir Dash
CharmyBuzz FlyNeedle DashThrow Flower TrapSting StunAir Dash
VectorSlow GlideBubble Gum BlastDonut DashHammer DownAir Dash
Metal SonicPropel Homing AttackElectric BallElectric DashDigMetal Overlord
BigSlow GlideUse UmbrellaThrow FroggyBody PressLife Buoy
A New VentureFeet CopterWater ClawBubble BeamPickup BoomerangsThrow Boomerang
Tails DollPropeller FlyingCurseTail AttackDuhMilesElectric
Metal KnucklesGlidePunchUp RoarDig (press simultaneously)
MightyHoming AttackSpin KickPickup and Throw ObjectsTargetingShielding
Dr. EggmanAction Replay Moon JumpSwipe/ClawKickEgg ThrowRobotnik Shots
JetDouble JumpBoard KickType JJet BrakeSonic Boom
WaveDouble JumpThrow ScrewsType WScrewTails Boom
StormDouble JumpPunchType SWrenchKnuckles Boom
Team FelixAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
FelixDouble JumpPunchUse VTOL CargoMove Hat Wings (r = up, l = down)
GrelixDouble JumpKickUse VTOL CargoMove Feet Wings (r = up, l = down)
DaizehAnti-GravitySwipeUse VTOL CargoPlasma Gun (press whatever hand)
RalphDouble JumpPunchUse VTOL CargoWreck (press simultaneously)
JapanesDouble JumpKickUse VTOL CargoSonic Kick (press simultaneously)
Team WurleyAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
WurleyHoming AttackSpin KickLight DashTime BreakWheelchair Boom
Angry German KidSmash JumpSmashFly to GermanyType (press simultaneously)
Little BillDouble JumpJavontez ThrowBack Pocket FlyingNewityPee on You
MadachuDouble JumpPunchBack Pocket FlyingCarry A GunFrown
VileDouble JumpPunchFirebrandBombsLaser Gun
T-5000HoverThrow DR-5000sT-5000 AttackM-5000ElectricThrow EB-5000
Male WirframeDouble JumpPunchFirebrandPee on YouPee on You
Team FuckerAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
Fucker (Closed Bat Wings)Homing AttackSpin KickOpen Bat WingsMetagameF Bomb
Fucker (Open Bat Wings)GlideSpin KickClose Bat WingsMetagameF Bomb
Fuckow (Closed Bat Wings)Homing AttackSpin KickOpen Bat WingsMetagameF Spear
Fuckow (Open Bat Wings)GlideSpin KickClose Bat WingsMetagameF Spear
Silfuck (Closed Bat Wings)LevitateThrow Held ObjectsOpen Bat WingsMetagameF Psychokinesis
Silfuck (Open Bat Wings)GlideThrow Held ObjectsClose Bat WingsMetagameF Psychokinesis
Team PiiAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
PiiHoverBlindStart The GameTransform (press together)
Perfect PeeosHoverEatStart The GameTransform (press together)
UrinatorAhhUrinateUrinalLeanNal (press while holding Special Ability)
Team MLUSAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
MLUS MarioDouble JumpHammerSpin/JumpFirebrandUnderground-Hit
MLUS LuigiDouble JumpHammerHigh/JumpThunderhandMidget-Hit
MLUS PeachDouble JumpSlapFloat/JumpFloathandFloaty-Hit
MLUS YoshiDouble JumpEgg LayFlutter/JumpEgghandEgg-Hit
MLUS WarioDouble JumpHammerSpin/JumpFiregatorUnderground-Hit
MLUS WaluigiDouble JumpHammerHigh/JumpThundergatorMini-Hit
MLUS KoopaDouble JumpPunchShell/JumpThunderhandMini-Hit
MLUS BirdoDouble JumpEgg ShootFlutter/JumpEgghandEgg-Hit
Team Move to FranceAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
Brawl MarioBackapocka JumpAblililiBack Pocket FlyCapeF.L.U.D.D
Brawl LuigiBackapocka JumpAblililiSalo GlideCapeF.L.U.D.D
Brawl SonicBackapocka JumpBupBack Pocket GlideCapeF.L.U.D.D
MLSS MarioDouble JumpHammerSpin/JumpFirebrandUnderground-Hit
MLSS LuigiDouble JumpHammerHigh/JumpThunderhandMidget-Hit
MLSS SonicDouble JumpHammerBall/JumpSpeedhandSpindash-Hit
Team WamarioAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
WamarioPiranha JumpPiranha PunchSpinFireUnderground-Hit
WaluigiPiranha JumpPiranha PunchHighThunderMini-Hit
WapeachPiranha JumpPiranha SlapPiranha FloatLeft PiranhaRight Piranha
WayoshiPirtter JumpPiranha LayPiranha ThrowPiranha DropPiranha Roll
WawarioPiranha JumpPiranha PunchPiranha WaftPiranha BikePiranha Chomp
WawaluigiDouble JumpNose HairPirpiranhanhaaSmile Through PainFrown Drop
WakoopaDouble JumpPunchFirebrandPiranha YouEat You
WabirdoPirtter JumpPiranha LayPiranha ThrowPiranha DropPiranha Roll
Team WapiiAir AbilityAttackSpecial AbilityLeft AbilityRight Ability
WapiiPirtter JumpBlindStart The GameTransform (press together)
Perfect WapeeosPirtter JumpEatStart The GameTransform (press together)
Wall-E-NatorAhhWall-E-NateWall-E-NalStubbyNal (press while holding Special Ability)

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